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Machinery & Equipment Valuation

Machinery and Equipment Valuation

Over time, the value of your organization’s commercial and industrial machinery & equipment changes due to economic conditions and use. Knowing you have reliable equipment valuation simplifies your reporting and decision-making.

We deliver the solutions on which you can rely. Put our professionals, who are recognized experts and valuation consultants, with designations that include Associate of the Society of Actuaries and Machinery Technical Specialties (MTS) to work. Your company will benefit from experience that comes from servicing Fortune 1000 corporations, governmental agencies, investment firms, lending institutions and multi-national banks with their valuation needs.

Machinery & Equipment Valuation Solutions

Enlist our team to help with:

  • Evaluations of buildings, land improvements and infrastructures
  • Reviews of furnishings and machinery & equipment
  • Appraisals, inventories and tagging, data file enhancement, and process improvement

View our Insurance Appraisal and Fixed Asset Management capabilities.

Property insurance values make up an essential component of your property insurance coverage and policies, but for a large part of this year, the routine task of collecting and reporting on property valuation data was challenging.

Here are three considerations for manufacturers before their next commercial property insurance renewal cycle.

The more transparency an insured can provide, the better the insurance marketplace can understand the exposure, extend appropriate terms and price the coverage accordingly.

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