Insurance Appraisal Services

Insurance Appraisal Services

Insurance Appraisal Services

Can you say with confidence that you are insured to proper value? Are you able to identify and account for all major insurable assets? Is the information stored in a safe place? Is the information current? Is your information in an organized and easy-to-navigate format for underwriters? If you cannot answer “yes” to each of these questions, you may be giving your insurance carrier a significant advantage.

Our team has the expertise you need to provide insurable value insights to support your insurance coverages and claims. Backed by the resource of a national accounting provider, we also have a unique delivery model that enables us to provide top-tier service with the agility and responsiveness you would expect from a local firm. Find out how accurate data and getting ahead of your property appraisal can save you in the long run.

Insurance Appraisal Solutions

  • Annual Revisions: In years between personal inspections, undergo updates and reappraisals of property to maintain current data.
  • Loss Adjustments: Undergo physical checkups of assets at regular intervals to ensure you have a proper record of all assets presently in service with necessary descriptions and current prices on hand.  
  • Monitoring Changing Values: Update the underlying data for real and business personal property to ensure the proper allocation of premium dollars toward assets still in use and part of current operations.

View our Fixed Asset Management and Machinery & Equipment Valuation capabilities.

With the increase of weather-related catastrophes and natural disasters, along with the impact of COVID-19, the commercial insurance market is seeing a significant rise in rates for the first time in decades. This hardening of the commercial insurance market is putting pressure on carriers and therefore businesses are seeing consistent increases in renewal premiums. 

Here are three considerations for manufacturers before their next commercial property insurance renewal cycle.

The more transparency an insured can provide, the better the insurance marketplace can understand the exposure, extend appropriate terms and price the coverage accordingly.

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