Fixed Asset Management Services

Fixed Asset Management Services

Fixed Asset Management Services

Many businesses waste precious time and resources on fixed asset reporting requirements - but yours doesn’t have to. Working with the right professionals helps you leverage the right software and equipment to cost-effectively handle your inventory needs.

Our team has the experience to customize a solution that provides critical insights for mitigating costs and improving your decision-making, and we will partner with your broker to ensure a seamless process.

Fixed Asset Management Solutions

  • Property Appraisals & Inventories: Evaluate buildings, land improvements, infrastructure, furnishings, and machinery & equipment to assist with appraisals, inventories/tagging, data file enhancement, and process improvement.
  • Property Insurance Appraisals & Data Collection: Undergo property appraisals that can assist with developing and maintaining the information you require to get better terms and rates for your property insurance.  
  • Property Inventory & Valuation Perpetuation Services: Take a holistic approach to encompassing ongoing maintenance of lifecycle fixed asset accounting and tracking with state-of-the-art technology.

View our Insurance Appraisal and Machinery & Equipment Valuation capabilities.

Fixed asset valuation proves particularly challenging for chain stores in the retail and hospitality sectors. Several factors could affect the assumptions used for the valuation process. If valuation providers do not weave these facts into their analyses, companies could be left with an incomplete picture of the value of their assets.

Property insurance values make up an essential component of your property insurance coverage and policies, but for a large part of this year, the routine task of collecting and reporting on property valuation data was challenging.

The more transparency an insured can provide, the better the insurance marketplace can understand the exposure, extend appropriate terms and price the coverage accordingly.

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