Insurance Appraisals & Tangible Asset Valuation

Insurance Appraisals & Tangible Asset Valuation

Insurance Appraisals & Tangible Asset Valuation

Data is king when it comes to the real and personal property for your business. Inaccurate numbers and inventories can be disruptive for everything from insurance coverage to inventory management and financial reporting.

Our tangible asset valuation team helps you meet specific needs through timely solutions for fixed assets, property insurance, and machinery and equipment appraisals. With our proven approach to resolving appraisals that comes from nearly 50 years of experience serving more than 1,000 clients, your organization will have access to the tangible asset analytics to support your decision-making and financial reporting requirements. Add accredited senior appraisers, chartered financial analysts, members of the Appraisal Institute, and accredited business valuation professionals to your team to see how our property experience can help you today.

Insurance Appraisals & Tangible Asset Valuation Solutions

  • Fixed Asset Management Services: Enlist our team to help with evaluations, appraisals, and data collection for property appraisals and inventories, insurance appraisals, and property inventory and perpetuation purposes.
  • Machinery & Equipment Valuation Services: Whether needed to support complex transactions, planning, appraisals, insurance, condemnation or eminent domain, put our valuation team to work with solutions that include provision of market, liquidation, insurance, and residual valuations.
  • Insurance Appraisal Services: Work with our team to supply the documentation you need to monitor changing tangible asset values, properly record the assets in service for loss adjustment purposes, and continuously update property data to make sure you are insured to the proper value.

How Good Property Data Improves Insurance Renewals

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