Complex Valuation & Advisory

Complex Valuation & Advisory

Complex Valuation & Advisory

Important organizational decisions call for reliable information about your organization’s assets. You need values and financial information on which you can rely.

Our valuation team has deep expertise in the types of business interests and the situations that call for valuation assistance. We provide the insight, supportable data, and valuation analysis that clarify intricate scenarios involving significant transactions and reporting requirements. The full range of solutions we provide helps enhance your strategy by illustrating the values you need to make an informed choice.

Complex Valuation Advisory Solutions

  • Business Valuation: Receive comprehensive business valuation solutions to assist in decision-making, from transactions to estate and gifting, and other strategic planning.
  • Fair Market Value: Enlist our team to deliver the analysis you need to supports ASC 820 accounting requirements and other questions on the worth of your assets.
  • Fairness Opinions: When complex deal structures, leverage use issues, regulatory requirements, or related party conflicts arise, you need independent financial advisors who provide a complete analysis on a transaction’s fairness. Our judgments provide insight into the procedural, economic, and financial elements of your transaction for your boards, shareholders, fiduciaries and other key stakeholders.
  • Intangible Assets: Access analysis for hard-to-value intangible assets to assist with accounting requirements and business planning.
  • Intellectual Property: Tap into our experience with patents, trademarks, and other types of IP to assist with financial reporting requirements, transaction planning, and other key decisions.
  • M&A Analysis, Modeling & Pricing Analysis: Whether on the buy-side or sell-side, you’ll have access to the expertise you need for M&A decisions, including pricing analyses, transaction modeling, and other inputs that support your deal.
  • Purchase Price Allocations: Prepare fair values, from a market participant perspective as required by ASC 805, for all intangible and tangible assets and liabilities associated with the transaction.
  • Solvency Opinions: Receive an independent assessment of a borrower’s ability to services its debt to help interested parties understand the impact that incremental debt has on working capital, cash flow, and equity value. Our services render reliable independent opinions for your management teams, boards, creditors, equity sponsors and other financial advisors.

When you include an appraisal with your estate, it comes under intense scrutiny. Every detail of the appraisal, from its quality to reliability, is examined by the IRS.

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