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Valuation Consulting Experience with Value

Numbers are everything when it comes to your business – from the interests of your partners and shareholders to the assets it holds. You can be rest assured you have the reliable data needed for decision-making with the solutions delivered by our team of valuation professionals.

We bring more than 50 years of experience to bear on services that meet your financial reporting, litigation, appraisal, and real estate needs. Enlist our national bench of resources to get the values you need in the time frame you need them.

Valuation Advisory Services

  • Business Valuation: Receive assistance with financial reporting and tax matters with the help of our team.
  • Complex Valuation & Advisory: Enlist our team for insight, supportable data, and valuation analysis that clarifies intricate scenarios involving significant transactions and reporting requirements.
  • Insurance Appraisals & Tangible Asset Valuation: Access timely solution for fixed assets, property insurance, and machinery and equipment appraisals.
  • Real Estate Valuation: Receive accurate and timely solutions related to the nature, quality, and usage of your real estate holdings.

When you include an appraisal with your estate, it comes under intense scrutiny. Every detail of the appraisal, from its quality to reliability, is examined by the IRS.

The more transparency an insured can provide, the better the insurance marketplace can understand the exposure, extend appropriate terms and price the coverage accordingly.
What buyers of biotech companies may want to know about contingent considerations to prepare for the impact earn-outs will have on their purchase price accounting. 

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