Trade Disputes & Compliance

Trade Disputes & Compliance

International trade is a complex endeavor that comes with its share of risks. Among the many laws and regulations that govern such activity are those designed to protect domestic industries from imports of certain products that are sold at less than fair value (dumping) or that benefit from subsidies provided through foreign government programs (countervailing).

CBIZ Marks Paneth is a leading provider of litigation support to attorneys and their clients in international trade remedies and dispute proceedings. With our team, you have access to a broad range of expertise in anti-dumping and subsidy proceedings brought against manufacturers through government authorities in many countries, including the U.S., the European Union, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico and South Africa. We have extensive experience assisting law firms and their clients have developed systematic and proven methods for conducting trade remedies cases around the world.

Our professionals help you achieve the most favorable outcomes possible in each proceeding by developing case-specific reporting methodologies that are acceptable and verifiable by governing authorities.

Areas of Specialization

  • Antidumping Duty Investigations & Administrative Reviews: Obtain the support of our professionals in developing an overall submission methodology, preparation and review of responses to government questionnaires, collation of transaction-specific sales and product-specific cost data for submission to relevant government authorities in anti-dumping investigations and reviews.
  • Countervailing Duty Investigations & Administrative Reviews : With the support of our professionals, develop an overall submission methodology, preparation and review of responses to government questionnaires, as well as identification of countervailable programs, potential benchmarks, and cross-owned affiliates.
  • Antidumping Margin & Subsidy Rate Analysis : Leverage our wide-ranging experience in estimating dumping margins, assessment rates and subsidy rates under a variety of assumptions; in identifying what drives those rates; and in analyzing government disclosure of preliminary and final government determinations.
  • Antidumping Margin Monitoring & Target Pricing: Partner with us to develop practical strategies for managing future duty and subsidy liabilities based on your company and industry-specific production, sales and accounting processes.
  • Customs Compliance & Analysis: Capitalize on our experience working with law firms on various aspects of prior disclosures to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) including summarizing transactional data reconciling company records to broker information, and estimating duties owed or overpaid, and interest owed or due to the government.

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