Technology & Digital Services

Technology & Digital Services

As technologies continue to advance and become increasingly essential to operations, internal controls, fraud detection, privacy, and compliance, having the right technology advisor by your side is more crucial than ever.

CBIZ technology and digital services help you evaluate, adopt and embrace the technologies and digital strategies you need to succeed. We assist companies in developing technology strategies that enable business transformation in the areas of finance, operations and business planning.

Technology & Digital Services

  • CIO Advisory Services: Align your technology strategy with your business strategy to support growth, service and productivity initiatives. We can assist you at any point when you are implementing these initiatives.
  • Data Science & Management: Generate value by leveraging data assets, aligning people and enabling technology that yields actionable insights.
  • Cloud & Data Center Solutions: Become more nimble, efficient and competitive by leveraging cloud technologies by combining our agile approach with cloud’s inherent ability to scale on-demand.
  • Integrated Risk Management & Cybersecurity Services: Understand threats, determine the tolerance for risk and create an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals using our comprehensive solutions.
  • Acumatica: Our professionals help you with Acumatica, which includes financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing, CRM, field service scheduling, project management, payroll and human resources and real estate property management, among other features.

When you include an appraisal with your estate, it comes under intense scrutiny. Every detail of the appraisal, from its quality to reliability, is examined by the IRS.

The more transparency an insured can provide, the better the insurance marketplace can understand the exposure, extend appropriate terms and price the coverage accordingly.
What buyers of biotech companies may want to know about contingent considerations to prepare for the impact earn-outs will have on their purchase price accounting. 

Hassan Khan

Managing Director