Technical & Transactional Accounting

Technical & Transactional Accounting

Navigating complexity, delivering clarity.

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Your accounting team is constantly faced with challenges – whether it be getting through an external audit, implementing new accounting standards, accounting for complex transactions or filling gaps due to staff turnover. Our team seamlessly plugs into your operations to understand your needs and solve your accounting and reporting issues.



The CBIZ ARC team excels in delivering valuable insights and process expertise across various accounting and reporting topics, providing responsive support and consistently delivering high-quality work.

Navigate accounting challenges seamlessly with our collaborative team, delivering technical expertise to support your organization's growth throughout its life cycle. Our team boasts extensive proficiency in conducting comprehensive research, in-depth analysis, and meticulous documentation of various technical accounting and financial reporting subjects. Furthermore, numerous clients actively seek our team's expertise for guidance in engaging with the national offices of the leading Big 4 audit firms and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). From adopting accounting standards to managing financial reporting demands and system needs, we provide comprehensive assistance to get the job done.

Revenue Recognition

  • Assisting with the adoption of the revenue recognition standard (ASC 606), which involves preparing position papers and policy memos to ensure compliance.
  • Facilitating the implementation of new and changing policies by evaluating matters such as gross versus net considerations, variable consideration, contract modifications, and the timing of revenue recognition for SaaS and software.

Lease Accounting

  • Evaluating service and other agreements to identify and assess any embedded leases within them.

Stock-Based Compensation

  • Generating stock-based expense compensation calculations and drafting memos to document and suport management's inputs and assumptions used in the Black Scholes Model.
  • Drafting memos and conducting calculations to support the accounting procedures for equity award modifications, cheap stock analysis, stock option repricing, secondary sale transactions, stock repurchases, and other complex technical matters.

Complex Debt and Equity Issuances

  • Creating memos to document the accounting treatment for debt and equity issuances, including convertible debt and Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs).
  • Drafting memos to address the accounting considerations for convertible preferred stock, warrants, and embedded derivatives.
  • Preparing analysis of debt modifications including an analysis of whether the modification is an extinguishment or modification, calculation of the 10% cash flow test, borrowing capacity test and accounting treatment of debt related costs.

Business Combinations

  • Generating SEC and GAAP pro forma financial statements.
  • Preparing analysis and calculations for replacement awards.
The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) landscape is currently facing an unprecedented era of uncertainty, with historically low transactions, rising interest rates and broader concerns about economic volatility.

The challenges of rising interest rates, a sluggish economy and the possibility of a recession are all factors that have the potential to weigh heavily on the financial health of companies.

The IPO market has hit a relative standstill after frothy valuations, easy money and investor enthusiasm drove a record-setting 2021.

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