Information Technology (IT) Audit

IT Audit

Information technology is a critical component to your operations. When deployed correctly, it can increase your operational efficiency, create proper work flow, increase customer satisfaction and in so An illustration showcasing CBIZ IT Audit services me cases, generate higher revenue. When it doesn’t work properly, not only can it lead to inefficiencies, but it can also lead to security issues.

We can help. CBIZ IT audit specialists work closely with you to offer a variety of tactical IT assessments and IT audit services. Whether you’ve had to downsize your IT department or recently underwent a fraud investigation, we provide the level of IT audit support that best suits your need.

Our IT Audit services include:

  • IT Audit Outsourcing: In addition to conducting your IT audit, we can provide network security assessments and attack and penetration testing.
  • IT Audit Co-Sourcing: We work in conjunction with internal IT auditors and provide additional skills, an independent, objective view, and in some cases, on-the-job training. For those who use non-technical internal auditors, we can provide the specialized IT audit skills to assist in an IT audit.
  • IT Controls Assessment: Our professionals will provide an independent IT controls assessment where no internal audit function exists.

As a national accounting, tax and business solutions provider, we have a depth of experience working with a range of industries, from insurance companies to banks and professional service firms. We leverage our expertise to ensure your IT controls srand up to the pressures of your operating environment.

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