Environmental, Social, Governance

Environmental, Social, Governance

We have the experience and expertise to advance your ESG efforts.

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CBIZ provides environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, reporting and action plans on various topics and factors that impact the sustainability of an organization’s activities.



The CBIZ approach to ESG is practical, flexible, and focused on results.

Materiality Assessment and Material Topic Identification

Our ESG specialists can help facilitate an ESG materiality assessment and guide you in the selection of the appropriate frameworks for your organization by:

  • Evaluating stakeholders, objectives of ESG program, and governance structure
  • Conducting a materiality assessment and aligning with corporate strategy
  • Benchmarking your position relative to industry peers
  • Determining material topics for reporting purposes

Metric Selection and Measurement

We evaluate ESG governance processes to ensure appropriate oversight and monitoring, identify and evaluate the right ESG metrics for your company, and assist in preparing ESG documentation and test key controls supporting the ESG disclosure process through:

  • Selecting a framework (stakeholder focused like GRI, investor focused like SASB, or both)
  • Determining metrics based on material topics
  • Establishing processes to ensure consistent, complete, and accurate measurement of metrics, and related evidence retention
  • Considering automation of metric gathering

Reporting and Assurance Readiness

To assist in preparing a data inventory listing and testing the data completeness and accuracy, our ESG specialists:

  • Determine reporting mechanism, content, and cadence
  • Implement processes and controls to ensure data accuracy and completeness of information presented in reports, on your website, etc.
  • Establish a monitoring process for new or changing requirements
  • Consider assurance readiness exercises (internal or external; limited or reasonable)

Sustainability initiatives driven by environmental concerns and social changes continue to gain momentum among businesses, investors and consumers. Across industries, nine in ten companies have adopted or are developing formal environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies.

Should ESG initiatives be on the chopping block? Learn how scaling back ESG programs amid an economic downturn can cost your company their reputation and invite risk.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have become a common framework for assessing a commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio. Today, investors increasingly consider these elements to help identify risks and growth opportunities.

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