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Enterprise Risk Management

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Risk strategies with whole-enterprise value

Risk is an inevitable part of your operating environment. When risk turns into reality, you need a comprehensive plan in place to help you minimize damage and assist with recovery. At CBIZ, we work closely with you to understand your risks in order to implement the appropriate solutions.

Our enterprise risk management specialists review your operations, exposures, current risk management strategies and insurance programs to identify ways to improve them. We believe that by leveraging what you already do, we can create a simplified enterprise risk management strategy that aligns your processes, technology and knowledge to improve your ability to evaluate and manage the uncertainties that face your operations. Through our approach to managing risk, we also increase the risk sensitivity and reduce the functional, departmental and cultural barriers that exist in most organizations.

CBIZ's comprehensive enterprise risk management solutions provide you a strategic plan that helps minimize the areas and outcomes you have no control over and maximize the risks that bring benefit to your operations.

Adapted from ISO 3100- Overview of Risk Management process 

Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

  • Human Resources Risk Management: CBIZ specialists provide advice, services, programs and strategies to mitigate the human resources issues that could put your company at risk. We provide detailed audit reports that address your employment law compliance. By client request, we can also include reviews of: policies and procedures, employee relations, recruitment and selection, employee development and compensation and benefits.
  • Insurance Strategies & Risk Management: A number of services can help you avoid potential pitfalls and losses related to your insurance and risk management programs, including: surveying exposures, loss control consulting and audits of your insurance programs. CBIZ specialists will also work with you to design effective risk management and insurance strategies that reflect your organizational goals and objectives.
  • Technology Risk Management: At a minimum, your technology security strategy should balance user needs with your organization’s security requirements. We believe this is accomplished through effective communication about the strategy and a continual monitoring and updating of your security system. CBIZ technology risk management specialists provide IT audits and comprehensive reports about your IT risk that include recommendations for improvements.

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