Telecommunications Audit & Cost Recovery

Telecommunications Cost Recovery

CBIZ assists with telecom audits and cost recovery.

Embedded in phone bills may be double billing, hidden fees or charges for services that were not rendered to your company. In the crunch to do more in less time, your company may not have had the time to review its  telecommunications bill for these overcharges.

CBIZ telecommunications cost recovery services help identify wrongful charges. We have a depth of expertise working with telecommunications companies and use our understanding of the industry to assist in the cost recovery process. Our telecommunications cost recovery specialists review past telecommunications bills for errors and work to recover any overcharges through credits. At the same time, we survey your alternative plan options, both with your existing carrier and competitors, to determine if there are ways to lower your overall telecommunications bill. Because of our experience working with telecommunications companies, we also offer consulting during the contract negotiation process. Our engagement teams may know of special pricing or other factors that a client may not be able to obtain on its own.

The services we provide bring real savings to your bottom line. Examples include:

  • A national consumer services company with more than 100 locations saved more than $470,000
  • A multi-location regional supermarket chain saved more than $120,000
  • A large publicly traded real estate development company saved more than $500,000

Clients typically see 10 to 30 percent reductions in their telecommunications expenses. Through our tailored approach to delivering our solutions, we will work to deliver real savings to your bottom line..

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