Common Area Maintenance/Lease Audit Recovery Services


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Construction, Real Estate, Taxes, Utility and Lease Contract Reviews

The physical space where you do business often comes with significant expenses. From construction to real estate taxes to utilities, landscaping and lease contracts, common area maintenance (CAM) charges add up. CAM costs are also subject to annual increases. The source of these increases may be CAM overcharges.

CBIZ common area maintenance cost recovery services help you identify, assess and maintain your CAM expenses to ensure the costs accurately reflect the terms of your contract. Our professionals conduct annual reviews of includable costs and final adjustment billing. They also audit lease arrangements where the language, facility portfolio and lease administration are examined. As a supplement to our lease audit, CBIZ professionals offer recommendations for ways in which the lease arrangement can be improved.

The contingency-fee-based solution CBIZ provides helps add real dollars to your bottom line. Examples of our clients’ CAM audit recoveries include:

  • A retail tenant was leasing mixed-use retail space. The tenant was responsible for its pro rata share of expenses in excess of base year rents. The audit revealed and recovered management fee overcharges exceeding $300,000.
  • A tenant of an office building had significant CAM charges for repairs and maintenance. Our audit uncovered defects in the original building construction. The discovery resulted in more than $400,000 for the client and the elimination of all future charges.

Leveraging our best practices and experience, we help your company throughout the common area maintenance and lease audit recovery process. Discover the ways in which your bottom line could benefit from our services.

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