Executive Talent

Executive Talent

Regardless of industry, A-level talent is difficult to find. In order to drive value and realize sustainable success in today’s transaction-intensive environment, financial and operational leaders must have knowledge of and display skills in a range of disciplines, including business operations, technical systems, leadership ability, and finance. Our team works diligently and quickly to recruit these A-players for you.

Screening Interview

We identify talent across our national network of more than 10,000 middle market, private equity experienced leaders, including interim CFOs.

Video Behavioral Interview

Our team assess a candidate’s fit to evaluate whether personalities correspond with company’s culture and professional goals align with role requirements.

Technical Interview

Success attributes, key character traits like resilience, persistence, and integrity critical communication skills, and more are evaluated using our technical scorecard.

Top Candidate Interviews

After our rigorous interview process, additional research, and reference validation, we provide well-vetted individuals who are ready to be interviewed by your team.

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