Business Process Assessment & Optimization

Business Process Assessment & Optimization

Business Process Assessment & Optimization

Understanding risk and exposure throughout the finance function is essential to protecting and optimizing your organization’s performance. Our team understands the pace and rigor required in these environments and the importance of continuous improvement. We take a flexible approach to business process assessment and optimization solutions, understanding that each situation is unique, and capabilities and experience around transaction accounting within the existing finance department can vary.

Business Process Assessment & Optimization Solutions

  • Finance Capabilities Assessment & Optimization: Enlist our team to review finance and accounting process lifecycle, including purchase-to-pay (P2P), order-to-cash (O2C), month-end close and financial reporting, and cash management.
  • Internal Controls Reviews & Assessments: Review, improve, and implement a strong control environment without placing an undue burden on a resource-lean finance function with our internal controls reviews, and assessments. Learn more about our internal audit services here.
  • Net Working Capital Improvement: Access the tools and solutions to manage, report and forecast net working capital (NWC) accurately and improve it, unlocking new growth opportunities with the help of our team.

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Clare Yuritch

Managing Director