Economic Damages

Economic Damages

Economic Damages and Expert Testimony

Economic Damages

Civil litigation demands expertise in financial, economic, and business realms for accurately assessing damages. At CBIZ, we offer comprehensive proficiency in financial, economic, and accounting domains, enabling us to craft robust damages opinions and provide compelling expert testimony. Our adeptness in presenting intricate accounting, economic, and financial matters clearly and succinctly is pivotal in courtroom proceedings and dispute resolution.
With a track record of testifying in courtrooms and arbitration venues domestically and abroad, our experts bring unparalleled experience to the table. Moreover, alongside our courtroom acumen, we leverage advanced data analytics tools to gain timely insights into significant data challenges, a capability that has notably influenced litigation outcomes in both trial and pre-trial negotiations.




Our comprehensive solutions for Economic Damages

Your organization can access specialized expertise in Forensic Accounting, including expert testimony and thorough fraud investigations. Our Litigation Support enables precise calculation of economic damages and testimony for a diverse range of legal matters. You'll benefit from Intellectual Property Damages & Expert Testimony services, backed by advanced tools and databases for comprehensive case support. Our Valuation assessments offer in-depth insights using analytical tools, and our Corporate Recovery team provides strategic solutions tailored to your business needs.

Forensic Accounting

      • We provide credentialed and experienced expert testimony in forensic accounting matters.
      • Our team specializes in conducting fraud investigations.

Litigation Support

    • We excel in calculating economic damages for civil litigation, mediation, and arbitration.
    • Receive testimony for various legal matters including breach of contract, fraud, intellectual property infringement, personal injury and wrongful death, class action, and post-merger and acquisition disputes.
    • We offer pre-litigation consulting services to assist with valuation and damages assessment.

Intellectual Property Damages & Expert Testimony

    • You will have access to business valuation and IP transaction databases, advanced forensic and data analysis tools, as well as internet and social media analytics to support cases involving intellectual property damages.


    • Our services include access to business valuation and IP transaction databases, advanced forensic and data analysis tools, and internet and social media analytics for comprehensive valuation assessments.

Corporate Recovery

    • Our team provides assistance with corporate recovery strategies and solutions.

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