Forensic Consulting Services

Forensic Consulting Services

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Challenges arise that require support for litigation, fairness opinions, fraud, and turnaround services. Working from reliable financial data minimizes these disruptions' impact on your everyday functions and expedites your recovery time. The CBIZ Forensic Consulting Group (FCG) professionals are here to assist you.


Discover how our expertise can make it easier for you to focus on your core business functions. 

No matter what issues you may encounter, the CBIZ Forensic Consulting Group professionals are here to assist you. With our multidisciplinary team, you have access to individuals with backgrounds in accounting, valuation and litigation with the credentials and expertise needed to get the job done.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting: We know how to break down complex accounting issues into understandable conclusions. We explain our analyses to juries and triers of fact in plain English without the jargon.

Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

Litigation Support & Expert Testimony: With our proven track record in litigation, arbitration, and mediation, CBIZ FCG provides a full spectrum of litigation support services, incorporating legal strategy and considering your need to create solutions.

Family Law

Family Law: We specialize in fair division and complex tracing in high-net-worth dissolutions. With decades of experience, we handle property division, support determination, premarital asset accounting, business owner compensation, business valuation, and more.

Economic Damages

Economic Damages: We identify and quantify economic damages caused by contract disputes, lost profits, and partnership disputes. We can compute lost wages when wrongful termination is alleged or in wage and hour disputes. Our team has experience with class action litigation.

Corporate Recovery

Corporate Recovery: With our experience and technical expertise, we provide turnaround and restructuring advisory, bankruptcy support, and transitional consulting.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation: With expertise in fraud detection, we excel at uncovering hidden assets and identifying fraudulent conveyances, which can be indicative of embezzlement. Our extensive experience includes dealing with investment fraud, employee defalcation, and various other incidents.


Valuation: From valuing intellectual property and start-up entities to family-owned and small businesses, franchises to conglomerates, we provide comprehensive and objective valuation services. We have substantial experience in valuation and damages analyses for partnership, LLC, and corporate shareholder disputes.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Intellectual Property Consulting: Work with our experts to customize an IP strategy that helps your organization optimize your IP assets and gain access to a spectrum of valuation, advisory, and expert testimony solutions to help you make informed decisions.

Intellectual Property Damages & Expert Testimony

Intellectual Property Damages & Expert Testimony: Expert Testimony for Intellectual Property Litigation.

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