Transaction Due Diligence

Transaction Due Diligence

Transaction Advisory Services

Due diligence plays a vital role in helping your company make smarter, gainful decisions with its transactions. We are the leading due diligence team for middle market private equity firms going through acquisitions and divestitures. Our nimble transaction advisory services team has deep experience in deal-making, including a track record of assisting with more than 2,000 transactions. This expertise helps our clients make well-informed decisions that have a big impact on their investments.

Transaction Due Diligence Solutions

Buy-Side Due Diligence

Using a highly analytical and thorough approach, we uncover the realities of a business and make it easier for you to do the right deals, avoid making bad purchase decisions, and preserve value post-close. We distill down volumes of financial data to provide more relevant information about earnings, cash flows, working capital and performance trends of target companies. Our process challenges the target’s financial information and “story”, giving negotiating leverage to you about issues even the target may not be aware of or doesn’t understand. We combine these efforts with our unparalleled level of involvement from our senior professionals to ensure the most comprehensive and relevant advice is delivered on every deal.

Sell-Side Due Diligence

This introspective assessment of a seller’s own financial position enables sellers to proactively identify matters affecting value, negotiating leverage, and speed to close, while minimizing uncertainty in the sale process. We peel back the layers of financial data to produce accurate information for your buyer and address potentially gating issues up front. There is no checklist for sell-side due diligence, but our deep experience and proven detailed approach provide investors and companies the right information and resources to realize the most value from an exit.

Tax Due Diligence & Structuring

Our tax due diligence team focuses on analysis, reporting and risk management customized to your situation, through the qualification of major risks at federal and state levels, guidance on transaction structuring, and acquisition tax planning recommendations. We dig deeper to provide data that considers multiple angles and give you the knowledge to make informed decisions.

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