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Commercial Credit Analysis

Expert, comprehensive analysis of prospective and renewing commercial credits is critical not only for compliance purposes, but also for the success of your business. CBIZ provides commercial credit analysis that is efficient, cost-effective and relieves your employees of analytical duties so they can focus more on their business functions.

Our team consists of commercial lending specialists who average more than 20 years of commercial lending experience. We provide a comprehensive analysis of a potential borrower’s creditworthiness, including financial statement spreads, review of income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, principal/guarantors analysis, management, industry/company background and strength/weakness assessment. The specialty credit analysis services we provide include municipalities, fund accounting statements, vendor due diligence and manufacturers’ auto dealership statements.

CBIZ’s services are customized to your need, and our professionals can perform high-quality analysis on an “as needed” basis. By supporting or supplementing your existing commercial credit analysis services, we free up your sales or marketing officers' valuable time, allowing them to focus more on customer service and sales. Furthermore, the uniform credit analysis methodology we perform is consistent, objective and satisfies your regulatory requirements.

We have served more than 170 client institutions across 22 states. Our professionals have created financial statements spreads for more than 6,000 different entities including municipalities, sewer authorities, colleges and universities, banks, mortgage brokers and security companies. Additionally we have served manufacturers, retailers, service companies and real estate companies.

M. Michael Aquino

Lead Managing Director

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