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Corporate Recovery

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Corporate Recovery

If your company experiences a financial crisis, you may need a helping hand to get back on solid ground. Evaluating the viability of your company, its operations, management projections, adequacy of collateral protection, ability to service debt and liquidation value takes a team who has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in corporate recovery.

CBIZ has the accounting, litigation, and valuation expertise you can rely on to help you optimize your situation. With our corporate recovery and bankruptcy specialists, you have access to  recovery solutions that assist through bankruptcy proceedings to forensic accounting and litigation support.

Corporate Recovery Solutions

Serving creditors, debtors, and other parties in interest in bankrupt or troubled companies, we provide solutions that include:

  • Bankruptcy: Access assistance with the development and review of organizational plans, analysis of pre-and post-petition operations, liquidation analysis, preparation and review, preference searches, investigations and defenses, and assessment of management and company personnel for bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Financial Advisory Services: Planning with our experienced financial professionals allows you to thoroughly review your position and identify the solutions that fit your objectives. Among the solutions we provide are financial statement preparation and/or reconstruction, projections, and forecasts, review of operation reports, and due diligence.
  • Performance Improvement Services: Align your company’s financial performance with your strategic goals through an examination of your cost structure, gross margin/profitability analysis and by developing a strategic plan that enhances the future value of your company.
  • Recovery: Access performance management, cash flow analysis, turnaround and restructuring advisory, bankruptcy support, representation of constituents and stakeholders, and interim transitional management consulting to aid in your company’s recovery.
  • Trustee Services: Ensure that the maximum recovery assets are corralled and distributed to claimants.
  • Turnaround & Restructuring Services: Address your liquidity concerns, stabilize your core operations, implement cash conservation guidelines and controls, identify and dispose of non-core assets, manage creditor communication and negotiation processes and access assistance with pre-bankruptcy planning.
  • Valuation: Obtain the accurate and reliable valuation of equity, intellectual property, and tangible assets you need, along with fresh start accounting valuation.

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