Meaning of The Vector

New CBIZ Logo: The Meaning Behind The Vector

The vector image in our logo is much more than a graphic image; it truly represents the core of the CBIZ brand and philosophy. The literal meaning of the vector is "the power of many coming together as one to accelerate growth,” which reflects our values and our market strategy.

To our team members, the vector is the visual embodiment of our “OneCBIZ” core value, which means we work and succeed as a team; we understand that we are stronger together; and we have confidence and pride in ourselves, our team members and our company.

To the market, the vector represents the many solutions and services we offer — all from one provider — to help our clients adapt, grow and succeed.

A Special Message About our New Logo

Jerry Grisko unveils our new logo that honors our history, while also representing the dynamic company we are bringing into the future. Mark Waxman talks about how the brand moves our identity forward, while paying homage to the past.