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Ryan Hansen

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    Prior to accepting my position at CBIZ I spent my first few years post college working my way up the service and hospitality industry. Teaching classes on service and hospitality to all new staff, at the busiest spot in Minneapolis, MN, gave me a great understanding of going the extra mile with a guest/client. Being able to identify the difference between service and hospitality is the first step in being able to fully satisfy a client in any field. In addition to giving me teaching/training experience in the classroom setting, the service industry taught me to excel at reading people, and to identify personality types and how to cater to all sorts of individual’s needs.

    I decided that with my background this field would be a great fit for my skillset. I enjoy being a part of a team, and the atmosphere I have identified within CBIZ has alluded to a passion for teamwork and helping one another. I am excited to be a part of the CBIZ family and to learn from the wealth of experience I have surrounding me.

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