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Kristi Hauseman

Communications Specialist

  • Overview

    Kristi was hired by CBIZ in December of 2014 as an Administrative Assistant. One and a half years later she became the Communications Specialist, and is responsible for providing all forms of marketing support to CBIZ clients and the internal team. Kristi is available to design and produce a wide variety of communication materials including:

    • Benefit plan summaries
    • Open enrollment booklets
    • Benefits educational presentations
    • Flyers Payroll stuffers
    • Other custom, client-centric communication materials

    She is also responsible for managing web and email communications, print coordination and client notifications of relevant webinars and informative wellness releases throughout the year.

    Prior to joining CBIZ, Kristi was the Print Coordinator and Client Specialist for a Tucson owned provider of printed and published materials.

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