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Central to the idea of coming together is our commitment to our CBIZ team, now over 6,500 members strong, and the communities where we live, work, and serve.

Service Anniversary Program

Our Service Anniversary Program is designed to recognize and celebrate our team members as they reach their milestone service anniversaries (i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years). The hard work and dedication of our team provide critical support to our clients and help CBIZ grow; for that, we are truly thankful. 

Since the program's inception in 2016, more than 2,500 team members have chosen their own gifts from an online catalog. 

Individual External Recognition

We are proud of the recognitions our professionals have received for their contributions to diversity, their professions, clients and to CBIZ. A growing number of CBIZ professionals have been recognized in their local communities. Please click here for a list of professionals who were recognized in 2020. 

Our Great People, Great Place Program

The commitment to our people means making CBIZ a great place to work. With this philosophy in mind, we established our Great People, Great Place (GP2) program in 2006. GP2's mission is to ensure that we create a place of which our team members are proud.

With 2020 being a challenging year for engagement, we created our "Remote Team Member Engagement Guide." Full of ideas to virtually stay connected and retain local culture, this guide was updated periodically as local offices shared their successful events.


Diversity and Inclusion

At CBIZ, we believe Diversity and Inclusion is a business imperative and we are working together toward making it an essential and valued part of our OneCBIZ culture. We strive to create an environment that welcomes, values, respects, leverages and develops our individual differences and similarities and this commitment includes identifying and actively combating racism and discrimination in any form.

In 2020, CBIZ renewed our commitment to improving diversity and inclusion across the company and in the industries and communities where we work. We are in the process of accelerating our efforts with a focus on actionable, short-term steps to engage our team members and build momentum. View our most recent statement on these efforts by clicking here.

CEO Jerry Grisko established the CBIZ Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, a nimble group of leaders from across the company tasked with accelerating this effort, engaging our team members and identifying experts to assist in the development of the overall strategy. The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force reports directly to the CEO and provides regular updates to the Board of Directors and CBIZ team. In addition to the Task Force, an internal D&I Champions group has been established made up of over 150 self-selected CBIZ team members from across the company who volunteered to support these efforts in a variety of ways.

This past summer, the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force completed two surveys, one with the D&I Champions group and one with the entire CBIZ team, to gather input, ideas and feedback to shape short-term priorities and inform the development of the long-term, comprehensive strategy. In addition to identifying the need for an external advisor to support these efforts, the surveys identified four short-term priorities:

  • Establishing a dedicated diversity and inclusion resource site featured on the CBIZ intranet. This site, which features curated content on a variety of diversity and inclusion topics and issues, was launched in February 2021. The site also serves as a clearinghouse for ongoing organizational updates, upcoming events and opportunities for engagement.
  • Building our D&I network including the cultivation of partnerships with diverse professional organizations and associations to support recruitment, retention, engagement and business development efforts. The work group established for this priority is compiling an inventory of existing relationships at the office and individual team member level to guide this effort.
  • Establishing and expanding recruitment partnerships with schools and institutions that attract a diverse student body to expand our pool of applicants for interns and entry-level positions while increasing brand awareness and recognition. The work group is partnering with CBIZ's National Recruitment Team on this effort.
  • Building awareness through CBIZ-wide events. In February 2021, CBIZ launched the "Our People Matter Speaker Series" aligned to our core values. This series seeks to increase awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion through exposure to external speakers on a variety of topics. The first series event featured a nationally recognized author in honor of Black History Month.

These short-term actions, combined with CBIZ’s existing efforts and assets, will form the foundation of a more comprehensive and long-term diversity and inclusion strategy. CBIZ is in the process of launching an inclusive strategy development process with support from an external consultant. This process will be completed in 2021 and will result in a three-to-five year action plan focused on measurable progress for our defined priorities.

In September 2020, CBIZ joined CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Jerry Grisko signed onto to the CEO Action Pledge and joined leaders from more than 1,000 of the world’s most well recognized companies and organizations representing over 85 industries. In taking the pledge, we at CBIZ are committing to four key actions that will not only support our own Diversity and Inclusion related efforts, but also help to foster collaboration within our industry and with other like-minded companies. These four actions are:

  • Cultivating a workplace that supports open dialogue on complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion
  • Implementing unconscious bias training and education
  • Sharing what's working and what's not with our peer companies inside and outside of our industries in order to capture lessons learned and promising practices
  • Engaging our Board of Directors in the development and evaluation of our comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion strategy and action plans

The acceleration of these efforts builds on numerous existing initiatives that impact our team and business. The following information further describes our policies and efforts already underway.


Diversity Metrics



CBIZ Women's Advantage

CBIZ Women’s Advantage (CWA) provides professional training, development, mentorship, recognition, and career enhancement opportunities to our professionals, and brings these same elements to our business communities through a variety of educational and networking events.

Our Goals:

  • Attract, retain and engage talented women and a diverse workforce
  • Provide personal, professional and business development training
  • Recognize our people for their commitment to diversity, their clients, professions and to CBIZ
  • Champion CBIZ’s mission, vision, values and strategic goals
  • Raise up the next generation of leaders
  • Encourage career intention and visibility
  • Support the communities in which we live and work

Please click here for more information on CBIZ Women’s Advantage.

CBIZ Young Professionals

The purpose of CBIZ Young Professionals (CYP) is to provide exceptional growth and development opportunities to our young team members to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
Our vision is to enhance our organization and our community by inspiring young professionals to join forces, cheer each other on and make work worth it.
All CBIZ team members are welcome to participate in CYP. References are sometimes made to those who are “young at heart” to ensure inclusivity. The name CBIZ Young Professionals was chosen to differentiate the program from other leadership and training programs within CBIZ. The program aims to give all associates the opportunity to communicate openly across business lines, positively represent CBIZ in the community, connect with new people and increase understanding of CBIZ and its services.
The program has been piloted in select cities and is now being nationalized.

Training, Learning & Development

Diversity and Inclusion focused training and education is required for all team members on an ongoing basis. CBIZ recently launched a new, three-part training series that includes an overview of the business case for Diversity and Inclusion, why Diversity and Inclusion is a business imperative for CBIZ and understanding and mitigating unconscious bias.
Other examples of required courses include:

  • "Succeeding in a Diverse Environment" is designed to raise awareness and sensitive our team members to the opportunities and challenges inherent in our changing workforce and professional world.
  • "CBIZ Code of Ethics” focuses on the role and responsibilities of the individual sustaining an ethical business culture.
  • "Anti-Harassment Training: Creating a Respectful Workplace" is designed to raise awareness on what harassment is, how to prevent harassment and the role and responsibility of each team member to contribute to a work environment grounded in mutual respect.
  • "Succeeding Amidst Generational Differences" explores our multi-generational workforce and offers strategies to improve teamwork and collaboration through communication and a better understanding of generational experiences and preferences. A companion supervisory component ‘Managing Generational Differences’ is designed to support leaders on motivating, communicating with and coaching team members of various generations.


Our team members' voices are important to us. Our company-wide employee engagement surveys help us gauge how we fare as an employer. The ideas expressed in these surveys by our team have resulted in establishing several new programs and policies. Among the most popular are:

CBIZ Women's Advantage | Domestic partner benefits
Employee referral bonus program
Discounted employee stock purchase plan
Annual CBIZ National Food Drive | Parental leave programs
CBIZ Cares | Flexible work arrangements