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Corporate Social Responsibility

At CBIZ, our commitment to corporate social responsibility ties directly to our Mission, Vision and Values.  We are committed to being an employer of choice and a place where our team members are proud to work, focused on being a premier provider of exceptional advice and solutions to our clients and being good stewards of the communities in which we live and work.  We are vigilant in our efforts to understand the needs of all our constituents and to do our best to address those needs.  Our Core Values guide our actions and decisions to be in the best interest of our people, community and environment.

Our commitment to our people has resulted in being recognized with workplace awards by various organizations and media publications throughout the U.S.

We pride ourselves on being diverse organization that builds long-lasting relationships with and provides support for our communities, as well as national organizations. 


A Letter From Our President and CEO, Jerry Grisko


Early in 2023, we capped off a record year of growth by launching a new logo that combines elements from our history with a bold eye to the future. The CBIZ vector has always been fundamental to our identity and symbolizes the power of many coming together as one to accelerate growth. Central to the idea of coming together is our commitment to our CBIZ team, now over 6,500 members strong, and the communities where we live, work, and serve.

The success we achieved in 2022 is a reminder of what is possible when we rally around a common vision and shared goals, including our commitment to be accountable to all our stakeholders and our communities through our corporate citizenship efforts. The results of those efforts were evident through the 84 workplace awards that CBIZ received in 2022. These awards are based on candid feedback from our team members which we use to strengthen our culture and enhance employee experience.

Our efforts to advance diversity and inclusion focused on our employee resources groups (ERGs) this year as we built on the success of CBIZ Women’s Advantage (CWA) and CBIZ Young Professionals (CYP) and launched two new ERGs: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and CBIZ Pride, serving our LGBTQ+ populations. With our goal of creating a sense of belonging for all our team members, we encourage our leaders and teams to engage in open dialogue about diversity and inclusion through our ‘Days of Understanding’ initiative, part of our work as a signatory to the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge.

Just like the CBIZ vector has been a fundamental part of our identity from the beginning, so has our commitment to give back to our communities. CBIZ Cares, our companywide community engagement initiative, had another successful year with an increase in volunteer hours, charitable donations, and nonprofit board service. Our CBIZ Women’s Advantage ERG led the way with a record-setting campaign to support Dress for Success, our longtime partner. Once again, our annual food drive surpassed our goal of donating one million pounds to benefit food banks across the country. Our CBIZ team also rallied to respond to the war in Ukraine by raising funds for refugee relief through the International Red Cross and UNICEF.

Finally, as we plan for the future of our workplaces, we have unlocked opportunities to protect our environment and increase sustainability while also providing workspaces that support the ways our teams work and collaborate. Areas of focus include efforts to embed green practices in our operations including expanded recycling and resource conservation.

2022 marks the fifth year we have published our Corporate Social Responsibility report. Reflecting on the last five years, I am proud of the incredible growth we have achieved for both our business and our efforts to positively impact our people, communities, and environment. We look forward to building on this momentum in the coming years and experiencing what is possible when we come together as one to accelerate growth.

Jerome P. Grisko, Jr.
President & Chief Executive Officer
CBIZ, Inc.