Wellbeing Solutions

Wellbeing Solutions

Bridging the gap between employee health and business performance

The number one contributor to rising health costs is poor employee wellbeing. As a result, employers must embrace a new paradigm to manage increasing risks and costs. That’s why we’ve created one of the most innovative wellbeing consulting practices in the market.

CBIZ Wellbeing Solutions guides employers in creating a thriving workplace culture characterized by high employee wellbeing and engagement and low risk.

Why Focus on Wellbeing? Click here for statistics on how employee wellbeing leads to increased engagement and success in the workplace!

How CBIZ Makes It Happen

CBIZ wellbeing experts work with clients to advance their population health management initiatives and see tangible results! We will assess your organization’s needs, risks and priorities, and then deliver a robust plan and support, including:

  • Co-create the wellbeing and engagement plan, addressing ALL FIVE components of wellbeing
  • Qualitatively demonstrate how the plan will generate significant value and savings
  • Utilize behavioral economics, communications and technology to drive engagement in programs and commitment to healthy behaviors
  • Guide employers in modifying the work environment to help employees sustain healthy lifestyles
  • Put “boots on the ground” to assist with implementation
  • Assure provider partners deliver high quality resources and interventions
  • Educate and empower managers to become wellbeing leaders
  • Align employers/payers, providers and consumers with a value-based payment system that raises accountability for both quality and cost of care

Regulatory Compliance Support

Our professionals will help you navigate the ever-changing compliance landscape of wellness programs. Equipped with the extensive knowledge and guidance of our experts, your organization can ensure it is meeting all requirements of health care reform and the Affordable Care Act, as well as all federal and state laws.

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CBIZ understands what works in a wellbeing program... and what doesn't. Talk to your CBIZ consultant to learn more about CBIZ Wellbeing Solutions. Email us today at Wellbeing.com