Pay Compression Rears Its Ugly Head — Are You Ready?

Pay Compression Rears Its Ugly Head — Are You Ready?




To compete for talent, organizations have been under heavy pressure lately to increase their entry-level wages. As a result, a phenomenon known as pay compression has reared its ugly head. HR administrators must address and remedy this issue before it leads to more serious business implications, such as low morale, increased turnover and even potential discrimination and pay equity claims. This webinar will help organizations recognize the issue when it arises, mitigate fallout prior to implementing a solution and help correct compression obstacles that weren’t foreseen.

Topics include:

  • Problems of and solutions for pay compression
  • Causes and potential risks if ignored
  • Proactive approaches to mitigate equity problems
  • Strategies to address and fix pay compression challenges


Ken SandbakkenKen Sandbakken
Director, Compensation Consulting
CBIZ Talent & Compensation Solutions