Navigating Multistate Payroll – Compliance for Today’s Remote Workforce

Navigating Multistate Payroll – Compliance for Today’s Remote Workforce

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As the modern workforce embraces the flexibility of remote work, employers are faced with the complexities of managing multistate payroll. Many may not even realize that there’s more to manage than just avoiding costly tax penalties.  

Watch our on-demand webinar where our experts cover all aspects employers need to consider when handling a dispersed, multistate workforce, including:  

  • Handling state and local taxes 
  • Navigating state-specific time policies 
  • Paying a remote or dispersed workforce 
  • Nuances of unemployment insurance based on location 
  • Different worker’s comp considerations and requirements  
  • Gain the expertise you need to navigate multistate payroll successfully and compliantly.  


Cory Lough

Cory Lough, Solutions Consultant, CBIZ Human Capital Management

Cory has over 15 years of human capital management experience, and he is a Certified Payroll Professional. He uses his extensive experience in People Operations to better help clients understand the value of streamlined processes that increase workforce engagement. 

Anna Rathbun

Gerard Hall, Director of Payroll Operations, CBIZ Human Capital Management

With over 15 years of experience in the payroll space, Gerard is "That Payroll Guy" passionate about educating anyone on the facets of payroll. Gerard is a member of the American Payroll Association National Speakers Bureau. In 2009 he obtained his Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation and has since helped nearly 400 others do the same.