Modernize Your Payday with Earned Wage Access

Traditional paydays aren’t cutting it. To become a top employer, it’s time to transform financial well-being in your workplace. Providing financial wellness education and offering employees the benefit of earned wage access (EWA) can help lower financial stress and in turn, make employees more productive at work. Register now for an insightful webinar that could redefine your approach to employee satisfaction and retention. 

In collaboration with PayActiv, a leading provider of earned wage access, this on-demand webinar covers the basics of earned wage access and the difference it can make in your organization, including: 

  • Why many leading organizations are offering EWA to their employees  
  • EWA as an attraction and retention tool  
  • Going beyond EWA, the importance of financial wellness programs 
  • How EWA works for employees and employers 


Cory LoughCory Lough
Solutions Consultant
CBIZ Human Capital Management

Luke HolecLuke Holec
Director of Channel Partnerships