Employee Retention Tax Credit Availability – What You Need To Know

Employee Retention Tax Credit Availability – What You Need To Know

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Can you still claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and ensure defensibility?

While pandemic-era support may be expiring, opportunities to claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit in the form of a refund still exist. These tax credits can present a lucrative opportunity to recoup the costs of having retained employees through full and partial shutdowns, and changes to eligibility requirements now include those who were the recipients of PPP loans. However, as per a recent warning from the IRS, it’s essential to maintain a defensible stance and have qualifications assessed and documented by a qualified expert.

Please join us for this webcast in which we will review the latest information available on the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Our webinar will focus on the specificities of the ERTC, from understanding the changes to qualifications, to opportunities that still exist for claiming the credit.

Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand Aggregated Group considerations
  • Delineate between a ‘larger employer’ and a ‘smaller employer’ for purposes of ERTC eligibility
  • Describe how to count wages in the eligibility process
  • Account for the shareholder and related individual exclusion
  • Describe how to avoid continency fees during eligibility process


Thomas Smitha, Marcus Peterson