Employee Handbook Best Practices

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover the vitality of an employee handbook as more than just a static document but as a dynamic cornerstone of your organization's success. From managing the latest federal and state regulations that must be communicated to updating changes in organizational policy and keeping up with workplace trends, your employee handbook is key.

CBIZ expert Cory Lough, in partnership with compliance experts at Mineral, Kara Govro, Justin Eubling and Statia Jones, will cover all aspects of employee handbook management, including:

  • What a solid employee handbook consists of 
  • What NOT to include in your employee handbook 
  • Trends to watch 
  • Best practices for sharing your handbook
  • And more 


Cory Lough Cory Lough
Solutions Consultant, CBIZ Human Capital Management
Cory, a Certified Payroll Professional, leverages 15 years of human capital management experience to assist clients in understanding the value of streamlined processes that increase workforce engagement.


Kara Govro Kara Govro
Principal Legal Analyst, Mineral
Kara dedicates her time to thoroughly researching federal, state, and local employment laws to find the most valuable insights for employers and translate them into practical guidance. She is a subject matter expert on a range of employment law topics and enjoys presenting this knowledge in a manner accessible to individuals without any legal background.


Justin Eubling Justin Eubling
Strategic Account Manager, Mineral
Justin has over five years of experience working with Mineral. He uses the Mineral Platform to help clients in various industries improve HR efficiency and value. The platform integrates data, technology, and human expertise to provide guidance and innovation to HR professionals.


Statia Jones Statia Jones
Customer Success Manager, Mineral
Statia has over five years of experience partnering with clients to bring success to their utilization of HR technology. She enjoys working with HR professionals to reach their goals.