Communicate Your Mission More Effectively Through Financial Reporting

CBIZ Marks Paneth and MHM invite you to join us for our third seminar in the Future Ready Not-for-Profit series. The topics are designed to help not-for-profit executives navigate the dynamic challenges of leading their organizations.

Hear from our panel of esteemed industry experts featuring:

  • Jessica Cavagnero, Program Officer, Endless
  • Caroline Croen, Chief Financial Officer, The WNET Group
  • Corinne Hammons, President and Chief Executive Officer, Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York

The discussion will be led by CBIZ Marks Paneth Managing Director Matthew Estersohn, who advises clients on topics including operating efficiencies and best practices, internal controls and financial reporting.

We’ll explore:

  • The different strategies organizations can take to effectively communicate their mission through financial reporting
  • How boards, committees, grantors and supporters use financial statements and what is most important to them in evaluating a not-for-profit’s performance
  • How to communicate financial information more effectively and how to tell your financial story to your stakeholders

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role financial reporting plays in the evaluation of a not-for-profit’s performance
  • Learn which financial reporting information is key to evaluating a not-for-profit’s performance
  • Evaluate different strategies organizations can take to communicate their message through financial reporting
  • Understand how financial reporting can improve an organization’s ability to clearly communicate to their stakeholders and communities