Are You Playing Chess or Checkers with Your Health Care Data?

Are You Playing Chess or Checkers with Your Health Care Data?




As an employer, do you know how to effectively analyze your health care and insurance data and use those insights to formulate strategic responses? If your answer is no, you might be playing checkers while your competitors are playing chess. It can be difficult to determine your next best move based on the numbers, but we’re here to help.  

In this webinar, Chris Davis, Director of Health Innovations, and Jonathan Krass, Senior Account Executive, will be discussing how employers can collect, evaluate and respond to health care data in order to: 

  • Uncover valuable opportunities for cost containment 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits employees really want 
  • Determine how their benefits stack up against competitors 
  • Build a stand-out employee benefits program that will positively impact retention and recruitment 

Learning how to leverage your health care data will help you strengthen your benefits offerings, stand out amongst your competitors, and ultimately win the game. 


Chris DavisChris Davis MPH, ACSM HFS
Director of Health Innovation 
CBIZ Employee Benefits 

Jonathan KrassJonathan Krass, MBA 
Senior Account Executive
CBIZ Employee Benefits