5 Talent Management Workflows to Up Your HR Game


The modern workforce has created challenges for employers they’ve never faced before, like quiet quitting, remote work, evolved compensation expectations, and where to even find talent.

With strategic talent management processes in place, organizations have seen success skyrocket with improved employee performance, engagement and satisfaction.

So, the question remains, where should your organization start?

Join CBIZ HCM as we review how to implement 5 key talent management workflows that, when applied correctly, organizations have benefited from:

  1. Talent Acquisition – identifying, attracting, and hiring the best candidates
  2. Talent Development – Ongoing personal and professional development to keep your organization thriving
  3. Performance Management – monitoring performance, setting clear expectations, and measuring goals
  4. Succession Planning – Identifying and developing employees to fill critical leadership positions
  5. Employee Engagement & Retention – fostering a positive work environment so employees want to stay for long-term


Anna Rathbun

Cory Lough, Solutions Consultant, CBIZ Human Capital Management

Cory has over 15 years of human capital management experience, and he is a Certified Payroll Professional. He uses his extensive experience in People Operations to better help clients understand the value of streamlined processes that increase workforce engagement.