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Transaction Advisory Services

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Transactional Insight Every Step of the Way

As you move through a transaction, new opportunities and risks may emerge. An experienced business advisor can help you maximize your benefits and minimize the liabilities from an initial offer through the post-sale transition.

Let the CBIZ transaction advisory services team support you along your path. We assist private equity groups, corporate buyers and sellers, angel investors, venture capital firms and other lenders in reaching their objectives for both the deal at-hand and whatever comes next. 

Our Approach

We employ a scalable, 360-degree approach, which starts with understanding your goals for the transaction. Our multidisciplinary team customizes solutions to address your specific areas of interest and concern. On-site, director-level professionals, many of whom have Big Four experience, lead the engagements to further guide your decision-making. 

The structure of our organization enables us to provide personalized service and team continuity that many other firms cannot. Learn more about how we can help you make the most out of your position at the bargaining and boardroom tables.

Transactional Advisory Solutions

  • Credit Risk: We provide asset-based lending, asset securitization, commercial credit analysis and credit risk due diligence services to buyers, investors and other financial institutions.
  • Due Diligence & Quality of Earnings Reports: Whether you need IT, credit risk, buy-side, sell-side and/or operational due diligence, we help ensure you have the information you need to arrive at an EBITDA number that all parties can use as a basis for the transaction.
  • Risk Evaluation & Mitigation: The assessments we conduct cover the gamut of liabilities you may encounter, including threats to internal  controls, cybersecurity attacks and potential fraudulent activity.
  • Tax Consulting: Our comprehensive tax services assist with state and local, federal and international tax compliance as well as with tax minimization strategies.
  • Transaction Structuring: We help you create the optimal structure for your arrangement by evaluating the assets, tax implications, financial structuring and timeline involved.
  • Valuation: Our professionals provide a multitude of services including the valuation of companies, securities, equipment, real estate and other assets. 
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