Recession or Not: Strategies to Thrive in an Uncertain Economy

Expert Strategies for Economic Resilience

In a challenging economy marked by elevated interest rates, low unemployment and stubborn inflation, success hinges on leadership driven by agility and excellence. To set you on that path, our experts have pinpointed strategic solutions, from utilizing key tax incentives to outsourcing talent, that offer cost-effective ways to navigate a fluctuating economy.

Your Recession-Proof Guide

Our strategic guide, Recession or Not, uncovers impactful strategies for boosting liquidity and minimizing costs amidst today's fluctuating economy. It offers forward-looking solutions, addressing issues from supply chain disruptions to financial concerns to health care strategies. Selected by experts, these strategies serve as your guide to transform an economic downturn into an opportunity for innovation and advancement across several areas within your company, positioning you for success.

In this guide, you will learn about:

  • 13-week cash flow forecasting
  • Alternative lending options
  • Select tax incentives
  • Supply-chain strategies, including LIFO and automation
  • Outsourcing and/or co-sourcing options
  • Pension plan risk transfers
  • Insurance and health care strategies
  • And more