The Non-Profit's Guide to Attracting & Retaining Mission-Driven Leaders

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A comprehensive guide with strategies to help your non-profit secure experienced leaders with the skills needed to advance your mission and achieve your vision.

Download our eBook to learn about the top challenges non-profits face in attracting and retaining the best talent, including how to:

  • Build a competitive compensation package and incentive plan to stay ahead of the competition for top talent
  • Connect potential candidates to the heart of your mission by clearly communicating your company’s purpose, values and culture during the hiring process
  • Partner with an executive search firm that specializes in the non-profit sector to help extend your reach and expand access to a diverse talent pool

The information will help you:

  • Create and institute compensation programs that attract and retain top leadership, adhere to regulatory requirements, and drive maximum return on investment
  • Improve diversity across boards and leadership by evaluating your current strategy and making necessary changes to the recruitment process
  • Effectively recruit, develop and retain experienced leaders and board members to help drive your non-profit forward

Ultimately, this guide will help you design and implement a combination of a competitive compensation package and a customized recruitment process that meet and exceed the expectations of the best leadership in the market.