Predictions for HR in 2023

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A travel guide of emerging trends, future challenges, and next steps for HR leaders in the next 12 months.

Since 2020, organizations have powered through a global pandemic, societal upheaval, an inflation surge, and an economic slowdown with the help of progressive HR and people leaders. As we navigate the road ahead, human resources teams hold the key to repositioning the function’s value proposition and guiding their organizations through continued uncertainty and a changing landscape.

In this free resource, our experts have weighed in on nine essential workforce topics that HR & organizational leaders should be aware of as we enter 2023 and provide their insights, best practices and recommended actions as the new year unfolds. While some of these are existing trends, recent developments have accelerated their pace.

What's Inside?

  • Nine predictions for the future of work and strategic initiatives HR leaders will prioritize in 2023
  • Topics include sophisticated recruitment strategies, internal mobility techniques to boost retention, unique ways to restructure compensation, how to enhance employee benefits to offset the negative effects of inflation and more
  • Additional downloadable resources to help you improve your people operations, build an effective talent management strategy, and leverage technology to streamline tedious HR processes