Defined Benefit Plans

The payout we look to guarantee is your satisfaction.

The challenges of sponsoring a defined benefit plan are unique. In addition to adhering to the ever-changing landscape of regulatory and compliance issues, you also need to be vigilant in managing cash flow and anticipating market fluctuations to reduce the unexpected impacts of having to make larger than expected minimum contributions. It truly takes an investment of time to understand and operate at this level of complexity.

So you have two choices: Think like a lawyer, an actuary, an investment manager and an accountant, or think about using a dependable and valuable resource like CBIZ.

As we have done for other clients that sponsor defined benefit plans, CBIZ will implement our proprietary CBIZ Defined Benefit Manager™ process to assist you. This five-step system utilizes the knowledge and experience of our compliance, investment and actuarial experts to reduce your overall financial risks and better manage cash flow of your plan.

Step 1: Evaluate Current Strategy & Plan Design
Step 2: Fee & Document Solutions
Step 3: Manage Liability
Step 4: Manage Assets
Step 5: Monitor Results & Performance

Whether you are a city or state government, or a corporation that is public or private, CBIZ can help make a defined benefit plan a better and more attractive incentive for your employees. If you are interested in exploring plan alternatives, CBIZ can also help you with a transition from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan.

Stop Juggling Providers. Relying on several vendors who only offer one-dimension of service is taxing on your time. Get the convenience of being able to choose both administrative and actuarial services from an single resource in CBIZ.

Types of Plans Served
  • Cash Balance
  • Traditional

Free your time. Focus on more strategic efforts. Lift the burden from your staff. Learn how CBIZ helps you maintain your plan.

CBIZ Retirement Plan Services is a trade name under which certain subsidiaries of CBIZ, Inc. market investment advisory, third party administration, actuarial and other corporate retirement plan services. Investments and advisory services offered through CBIZ Financial Solutions, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC and SEC Registered Investment Adviser, dba CBIZ Retirement Plan Advisory Services.   CBIZ Financial Solutions, Inc. is a subsidiary of CBIZ, Inc. (NYSE Listed: CBZ)


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Retirement Plan Solutions
Case Studies

Download the following case studies to see results CBIZ achieved for a few of our defined benefit plan sponsors.

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CBIZ improves health of hospital’s DB plan