Navigating Your Insurance Renewal Amid COVID-19

Navigating Your Insurance Renewal Amid COVID-19

Checklist: Navigating Your Insurance Renewal Amid COVID-19


Preparing for renewal when business is anything but usual can help you control costs and secure coverages.

Due to the hard market and impacts from COVID-19, your upcoming insurance renewal is unlikely to be as straightforward as it may have been in the past. Premiums are skyrocketing, making it important to allow plenty of time to evaluate your options - protecting your bottom line as much as possible while still obtaining the coverage needed.

Download our Business Insurance Renewal Checklist for questions to think through and tips to help with your submission preparation.

Business Renewal Areas to Focus on Include: 

  • Business Changes
  • Policy Review
  • Claims Data
  • Risk Management

Start preparing early to ensure you get the best coverage at the most desirable rates available.


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