Loss Control Assessment for Employment Practices Liability

Loss Control Assessment for Employment Practices Liability

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By some estimates, one out of every five cases in civil courts is an employment-related lawsuit.

Employment practices liability is a growing area of concern for organizations across the country. Due in part to the pandemic, lawsuits related to employment practices are on the rise. It's important to take the proper steps to mitigate your organization's risk in this area as lawsuits can be costly and time-consuming. 

What's more, employment practices liability claims pose a serious risk to an organization's stability, reputation and bottom line. In fact, the average cost of defending and settling an employment law case is $160,000. No organization is immune to these exposures. These claims can originate from lawsuits related to: 

 - Wrongful termination

- Discrimination

- Breach of contract

- Retaliation

- Mismanagement of employee benefit plans

- And more

A proactive approach to risk management goes a long way toward protecting organizations from employment practices liability claims. This questionnaire is designed to help your organization assess how adequate its loss control programs are by examining common employment-related exposures and the techniques, policies and procedures that can be applied to control these exposures.