Cybersecurity - What Every Business Needs to Know

Cybersecurity - What Every Business Needs to Know

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Cybersecurity: What Every Business Needs to Know

U.S. companies payout an average $9.05M per data breach.


Cyberattacks have been more prominent than ever - no business or industry safe. Targeted companies have to worry about the safety of their operations and customer data. Last year, 44% of breaches exposed customer personally identifiable information (PII) which can cost your organization's finances and reputation. 


Is your business properly protected from potential network and privacy exposures? Any company that utilizes technology to collect confidential customer information is at risk for a data breach and the liability associated. Make sure you have proper network security, strong privacy settings and cyber protection. 


Download this Cybersecurity Infographic to get the facts on how data breaches are affecting U.S. companies and learn why you need cyber liability and security protection for your organization.