Cyber Liability Insurance

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Many companies believe that cybercrime will not impact their organization, but the risk is real! Threats come from a variety of sources, even your own employees. No matter if it's intentional or accidental – a criminal attack, system glitch or employee error – a cyber breach can cause financial ruin and severely damage your company's reputation.

The Benefits of CBIZ Cyber Liability Insurance

At CBIZ, we make sure you have the right cyber coverage at the right price, as well as access to risk management and claims services built directly into your policy. Even if you already have a cyber insurance policy, the limits and coverage may not be enough to protect your organization.

Keep your business safe with CBIZ cyber liability insurance.

  • Simplified application with only 4 underwriting questions.
  • Broad coverage with full policy limits automatically included.
  • Coverage can begin in just 24 hours.

A full suite of risk solutions to help strengthen your protection against cyber crime. Beyond cyber security, services include compliance, enterprise risk management, cost recovery, forensic accounting, internal audit and social engineering.

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CBIZ  Cyber Liability Insurance coverage offers the broadest cyber risk protection available. Learn more about how cyber liability coverage can protect your business.  

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