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Why Consider CBIZ

Colleagues who join our firm find that we provide clients with a broader array of business services than anyone else, all delivered with exceptional national technical depth while maintaining dedicated local service.

We know people are important.

We understand that you and your people are crucial to maintaining key relationships in the business. People are essential assets, not expenses that can be reduced at the earliest opportunity.

We provide access to a wealth of business services.

We have access to CBIZ colleagues in accounting, benefits, payroll, retirement planning and more, allowing you to offer comprehensive business services to your clients. It also means additional prospect opportunities for you.

We can customize deal structures and make it rewarding.

A custom deal can be structured that is competitive. As part of a team with national resources, you can spend more time doing the things that make a difference.

We have an excellent culture.

CBIZ maintains a professional culture that is supportive and motivating, fosters and rewards high performance, and creates meaningful career opportunities. Our collaborative, team-selling approach means you have all the necessary skills and resources needed to succeed. We emphasize the importance of giving back to the community to enhance a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment within our most valuable asset: our employees. As a recipient of over 62 workplace awards in 2019, we feel our bragging is justified!

We honor confidentiality.

Our policy is to keep all information shared and all discussions confidential. We will happily provide a strict, mutual non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement that, once executed, protects you from any risk that your confidential information might be shared by us at any point during or after our discussions.

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Why Consider CBIZ