Carrier Updates

Carrier and Product Updates

CBIZ Life Insurance Carrier Updates

Below you will find the latest updates to carriers and their products. Please review the changes as they may affect your clients and their existing policies.


Effective October 26th

Protective Will Decrease Rates for Custom Choice UL 

The initial level benefit periods ranging between 10-20 years will see a 2% premium decrease for Non-Tobacco, Preferred and Select Preferred rate classes.

The following transition rules will apply for paper applications and electronic submissions:

  • The new Protective Custom Choice UL rates will be available on October 26, 2015, for quoting, submitting applications and issuing policies in all states that are currently approved for the product.
  • All applicable Protective Custom Choice UL applications already in underwriting will receive the new lower rate, when applicable, if the policy is issued on or after October 26, 2015.  
  • All applicable Protective Custom Choice UL applications received on or after October 26, 2015 will be processed with the new rates.


Effective Now

MetLife Class Match
Program Guide

MetLife is offering additional insurance coverage with limited underwriting. MetLife's Class Match program will issue a new policy matching a client's inforce policy's underwriting class and face amount up to $1.5 million.

Who's Eligible?

  • Age 18 to 65
  • 18 to 60: $1.5 million face limit
  • 61 to 65: $1 million face limit
  • Applying for any permanent, single-life policy
  • Standard or better (including smokers)3
  • Must have an existing inforce policy, issued by an approved carrier for at least six months and no more than five years

MetLife Flyer

Effective Now

Premier Accumulator UL Guaranteed Issue Program – PAUL offers a different approach to Guaranteed Issue pricing, so it is limited to executive level groups only. By adding these GI rules, MetLife is providing additional opportunities to multi-life cases.



Effective Now

Principal Universal Life Provider Edge
An attractive solution for low-cost protection.

Principal Universal Life Provider Edge (UL Provider Edge) offers low-cost protection that makes it an affordable option to fit within most budgets. Plus, it delivers valuable benefits to enhance flexibility and accessibility for clients. All these features and more,
make it a smart alternative to other protection-focused products, including guaranteed universal life insurance.

UL Provider Edge is Ideal for Clients Who:

  • Seek low-cost life insurance with an objective to maximize the length of the coverage.
  • Desire flexibility to meet changing needs.
  • Appreciate death benefit guarantees.
  • Have a need for personal and business planning strategies, such as business protection, survivor income and estate planning

Target Market:

  • Death benefit protection to ages 90+
  • Issue ages 45-65
  • Face amount $1 million and greater
  • Better than Standard risk class

Provider Edge Sales Guide
Provider Edge Flyer

John Hancock

Effective September 17th

John Hancock Re-Priced JH Term 10 and 15.  The new lower rates apply to:

  • Term 10, Term 15
  • Top 3 risk classes
  • Ages 45-65
  • Face amounts of $250,000 and above



Effective October 12th

Nationwide Will Re-Price the YourLife No-Lapse Guarantee SUL II. 

For issue ages 55-75, the no-lapse guarantee to age 120 premium decreased by 6% on average
  • For level pays, the premium decreased by 5% on average
  • For 10 pays, the premium decreased by 5% on average
  • For single pays, the premium decreased by 9% on average
  • For specified amounts between $250,000 and $4,999,999, the premium decreased by 8% on average

Transition Guidelines

Effective October 12th

Nationwide Will Introduce the Addition of the LTC Rider to the YourLife No-Lapse Guarantee SUL II.  This means that clients can elect long-term care coverage for up to two people on one policy.

  • For level pays, buying the LTC rider on both SUL II insureds is, on average, 15% less expensive than buying two individual NLG policies with the LTC rider.



Effective September 14th

Genworth Reduced the Face Amount Requirement for Life Quick Request – All Colony Term application with face amounts over $100,000 are now commission eligible when submitted through paper applications in addition to the Life Quick Request fulfillment platform.


Lincoln Financial Group

For a Limited Time Only…

Clients can exchange their existing term policies from a wide variety of qualifying carriers including those with a current A+ rating or higher with A.M. Best to a Lincoln single life, universal life, indexed universal life, or variable* universal life policy.

Current Conversion Product with Top Rated Competitor:

  • Male, Age 59
  • Standard, Non-Tobacco
  • Death Benefit:  $1,000,000
  • Guarantees to age 100
  • Annual Premium:  $36,624

Check Out the Significant Savings They Can Get with Lincoln!

See How Lincoln’s LifeGuarantee UL compares to the competition:

  • Male, Age 59
  • Standard, Non-Tobacco
  • Death Benefit:  $1,000,000
  • Guarantees to age 100
  • Annual Premium:  $17,871





Effective Now

Zurich Announced Enhanced Conversion Rights – A policy may be converted anytime on or before the end of the Initial Level Premium Period, or Attained Age 70, whichever comes first, to any permanent life insurance policy that the Company determines is eligible for conversion. The enhanced conversion right will be retroactively added to all inforce Zurich Tem policies automatically and at no cost.

Zurich Flyer

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the Carrier and Product Updates or if you would like to request illustrations for your clients.

Shauna Ausfeldt, ALMI, ACS
Analyst, Product & Carrier Intelligence
CBIZ Life Insurance Solutions, Inc