Income Protection Insurance for Individuals

Income Protection

Helping You Secure Your Financial Future

Would you be prepared if you lost your income? 50% of Americans said they would need to draw from savings or investments to pay their bills if they couldn’t work, and 57% said they only had enough to pay for six months or less of bills.

Planning for the unexpected with life insurance will help safeguard your financial security if your regular income is interrupted. For single individuals, life insurance can protect your income in the event of illness or injury by accessing the cash value of the policy. If you have a family, life insurance protects your family by paying monetary benefits to them in the event of your passing.

How We Can Help

When it comes to protecting your income, you can rely on our team to help ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to secure your financial future. Our professionals will:

  • find a policy that aligns with your specific goals;
  • keep your life insurance policy within budget; and
  • secure peace of mind for you or your family.

We Treat Each Client with Care

When you work with CBIZ, you always have the support of a trusted advisor backed by national resources. Our ultimate goal is to help find you the correct level of coverage to meet all of your family’s financial obligations, securing your peace of mind and a solid financial future.