Performance Management

Associate performance management is critical to an organization’s long-term success, but businesses frequently skip this critical HR strategy or lose track of the process because paperwork, manual reviews and other administrative hassles prevent completion.

CBIZ’s performance management solution allows you to leave the paperwork behind and embrace agile, online employee reviews, managerial reviews and much more so your business can reach its long-term potential through proper evaluation.

Using this solution that is built into our complete human capital management system, your managers will see their employees’ productivity flourish as they easily track reviews against their employees’ performance. Further, your HR department will become more efficient as it automates the employee review process and eliminates cumbersome paperwork.

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Our HRIS technology can be integrated with our payroll services and benefits consulting, which when combined can deliver the best value for your health plan spend, eliminate your burdensome administrative processes and enhance your employees' engagement.