HCM Insights May 2023

Upcoming Holidays

Memorial Day

flagIn observance of Memorial Day, CBIZ HCM offices will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2023. Memorial Day is a Federal Reserve Bank Holiday, which means payroll draft dates may need to be adjusted.

Important Payroll Deadlines

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Thursday, May 25, 2023   

Wednesday, May 31, 2023   

Friday, May 26, 2023


flagThe upcoming Juneteenth Holiday will be observed on Monday, June 19, 2023.  While CBIZ HCM offices will be open this day, this is a Federal Reserve Bank Holiday, and payroll draft dates may need to be adjusted.

Important Payroll Deadlines

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Thursday, June 15, 2023   

Wednesday, June 21, 2023   

Friday, June 16, 2023


You can now access the CBIZ 2023 Holiday Schedule


Creative Benefits to Retain Hourly Workers

hardware employee

In order to retain hourly workers and attract new ones, employers are now enhancing their benefits packages and work environment. This is because hourly employees are seeking more than just a paycheck. To help you in this regard, we have compiled a list of the top benefits you can provide to your hourly staff.


National Emergency Ends: What Employers Need to Know


On April 10, 2023, President Biden signed a resolution ending the COVID-19 national emergency that had been in place since 2020, and on May 11, 2023, the public health emergency officially ended. As both emergencies end, it's important for employers to assess how it affects their business and staff.


Minimum Wage Updates

minimum wage

As an employer, staying up to date with your state's latest minimum wage regulations is essential to avoid potential penalties and ensure compliance. Throughout the year, there are ongoing increases in the minimum wage rates in various states. For instance, Connecticut will raise its minimum wage in June, while the District of Columbia, Nevada, and Oregon are scheduled to increase their rates in July.


Effective Performance Management

Performance Review

Well-executed performance management is helping many businesses retain top talent and maximize their resources, allowing companies to stay competitive in today’s uncertain economic landscape. In addition, effective performance management programs have fostered highly collaborative work environments that enable employees to reach their full potential while bolstering business growth.


Update Your Fiscal Unemployment Insurance Rates


Fiscal Unemployment Insurance (UI) rates are set to be released by state unemployment tax agencies in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Vermont. Please forward this information to the CBIZ Tax Department via email, fax, or regular mail service. 

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In Your State

Virginia Prohibits SS Numbers on Employee Badges

Employee group Starting on July 1, 2023, a new law in Virginia will prevent employers from using Social Security numbers or any numbers that come from Social Security numbers as employee identification numbers. This law is meant to protect personal information.


More State-Specific Updates

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Idaho - Extends Unemployment Benefits

Tennessee - Family Leave Insurance

Virginia - Requires Organ Donation Leave


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