Using Technology to Help Combat the Great Resignation

Using Technology to Help Combat the Great Resignation

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A comprehensive guide to help organizations utilize technology to help combat the Great Resignation.

Employee retention is an ongoing concern for employers, especially with the record number of resignations that occurred in 2021. Being termed the year of “The Great Resignation,” many organizations are looking for new ways to keep their workforce intact.

While employee turnover is inevitable, there are several strategies companies can implement to help combat the Great Resignation — and at the center of all of these strategies is technology that can benefit organizations and their staff. We’ve outlined a few of these strategies that, when used along with advanced technology, can help organizations combat high turnover.

From this guide, you'll be able to implement best practices and effective strategies for utilizing technology to help combat employee turnover. This guide covers:

  • Understanding Why Employees Stay or Leave
  • Technology's Lasting Effects During Hiring & Onboarding
  • Making Hybrid & Remote Work Models Successful with Technology
  • Using Technology to Expand Your Talent Pool In-House